Predictability and Engagement through the Backlog


Back in 2007, what started as a new approach to effort estimation created, in the following years, three methods aimed at improving the Scrum project predictability while engaging the Scrum Team around a collaborative vision.  Together, they support the Rally-Point Backlog approach which is shared for the first time with  this book. 

The first method, Handle It or Hand It Over, lists the basic winning conditions as a project progresses through each of its periods.  The second method, CrumbScale Backlog (which triggered this whole undertaking), targets the initial creation of the backlog and the assignment of effort points.  The third and final method, Easy-Normal-Hard, helps manage complexity within the backlog.


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This book describes three new methods to maximize predictability and systematically engage the Scrum Team into your project.  At the base of this approach are the following principles:

Protect The Team

Protect The Vision


Putting people first is not easy but the results are undeniable.

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Effort estimation made

Faster & Less Confusing

This book is the first publication introducing the CrumbScale effort estimation method.  After 10 years of being used and perfected, it was high time to share this tool through more than word of mouth.

With CrumbScale, instead of estimating each Story one at a time, the distribution of the effort Points happens in a two step process involving all of the Stories at once [...]

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