By always putting people first and protecting the dynamic between the PO, the Development Team and the Backlog, this pragmatic approach to Scrum aims at maximizing the project predictability while fully engaging the Scrum Team.  This book presents the first half of this approach which follows the project up to the creation of the Backlog.  Here are the three methods covered in this book:


Rally-Point Backlog - Handle it or Hand it over - method

Handle it or Hand it over

Managing the transitions between the project periods.

As its name suggests, this method aims to keep the right pressure on the right people.  For each type of deliverable, the person responsible must either handle it in time or have a plan-b to hand over the ownership down the line.  We do not want to push problems forward anymore.  We only push done tasks while unplanned tasks are only pushed forward if combined with the appropriate empowerment.  This puts the right pressure on people upstream.

Rally-Point Backlog - CrumbScale Backlog - method

CrumbScale Backlog

Predictability will mostly come from controlling the backlog content and the use of the CrumbScale effort estimation method.  Engagement, on the other hand, will come from the systematic collaborative approach of adapting the project vision to the technology reality, culminating in the creation of a CrumbScale Backlog.

Rally-Point Backlog - Easy Normal Hard - method


The same way Test Driven Development enables a development team to rapidly and safely code new features, a trusted rapid assessment method enables all the decision makers [...] to make crucial decisions while saving time.

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