Rally-Point Backlog author - Phillipe Cantin

Author of "No other book" and "Really this is my first one", Phillipe Cantin is a Software developer turn Team Lead turn Agile coach with the intent to share with a larger audience.

After 12 years of software development, during which he had the chance of working in different fields of application, Phillipe transitioned toward leadership positions and Agile methodologies around 2005.  Since that date he never stopped using Scrum in a multitude of projects and had the chance of playing all of the Scrum roles, PO being his favourite by a large margin.  In parallel, Phillipe followed his wife lead into the blogging world in 2009 which hooked him right away into sharing through the written word.  He got inspired by his wife again a few years later, while helping his wife's editing her first book, the idea of writing one himself looked like an actual possibility.  Writing Rally-Point Backlog, like probably the majority of author's first book, was not a straight path but, three major rewrites later, this first challenge had created in Phillipe the need to continue writing. 

There’s that point when you just finish the first sprint planning of a brand new Product Backlog, the point where the fog clears for the first time and you see the reality of the project in front of you. To me this moment feels like being at the base of a mountain knowing that you have all the right gear, all the abilities to reach the top and the confidence that nothing can stop you. For an instant, the clouds part just enough to get a glimpse of the summit.
— Rally-Point Backlog